Things on Scooters…

It was such a large part of our photographic journey through Vietnam and Cambodia…we just couldn’t resist sharing a few photos of the humorous, shocking and sometimes appaling things we saw on the back of scooters as we made our way through SE Asia.

Pretty good way for a pup to get around!


Note the ‘child seat’ strapped on the bike


This little piggy went to the market….


Even on scooters the girls remained prim and proper


The local air conditioning install men on their way to work

Just your average door delivery


I’m liable to believe the kitchen sink is in there too


No big deal. He’s got this.


Your local veggie delivery man.


Optimus Prime retired in Cambodia, as a tuk-tuk.


Don’t worry, this will work out just fine.



One thought on “Things on Scooters…

  1. Well…now I can see that the Dumb and Dumber scooter scenes are totally plausible….albeit funny!
    Who needs a pick up anyway?????


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