And So it Begins…

We can do this…..we can do this….we can do this….

And then we did it.

With those four words I convinced myself we could.  And then we did.  After almost a year of talk, Byron went on an rant one night and motivated me to actually start considering what it would be like if we actually did…quit our jobs. Sell the truck. Leave our house. Leave North Vancouver. Put everything in storage. Buy a Delica.  And just go for it.

And then we did it.

We’re hoping to take the rest of the year off (budget dependent) to travel around the Yukon, Alaska, and then who knows from there. Japan to ski for the winter?  South East Asia for beaches and cheap traveling?  South America for more mountains and adventures? We’re thinking the plan will fall a little more into place once we’ve hit the road and had a chance to fall into this new vagabond life style we’ve adopted.  🙂


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